Serious Business: Marijuana for President

The Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA), our student government organization, is serious business.

So serious, in fact, that a giant smiling joint scored dozens of votes as a write-in candidate in last semester’s election.

Unfortunately, Giant Joint’s campaign ended in a puff of smoke.

Thanks to the creativity of Bex Allen ’08 (Facebook profile, Argus interview), last semester’s WSA elections had a drop of humor in what otherwise was a sea of apathy (and CSS majors).

I first saw Giant Joint on 4/20, and had yet to find out that much more than a humorous student was hidden below the costume. Soon, posters advertising Giant Joint’s campaign appeared on campus, bearing the slogan, “Every day is 4/20 with Giant Joint!” It turned into a phenomenon, including a dinnertime campaign stop at MoCon. By the time the voting was finished, Giant Joint had dozens of votes, but unfortunately, not enough to win a seat on the WSA.

Marijuana running for student government: just a little insight into the WSA.

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