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Some of these should be obvious, but I can’t sleep, so whatever.

Prefrosh are technically prospective students still in high school (other schools call them Prospies, but don’t you fucking dare utter that word here), but some people keep calling students who have already matriculated “prefrosh” until the minute they step onto campus during orientation, whereupon they become freshmen. Additionally, you are forever your host’s prefrosh no matter what year you are. No, you will not be hazed.

is for history/government/poli-sci majors, Fisk is for most humanities, Judd is where psychology majors live, and the Science Center is for science majors. Hall-Atwater, Shanklin and the Science Tower are all separate entities that are referred to as the Science Center. PAC lab is in PAC, STlab is in the Science Tower, and HASlab is in Hall-Atwater, although no one goes there. Never, ever, ever confuse COL (College of Letters) with CSS (College of Social Studies). The administration is all in North College except for the President, who’s in South College. The Bell Tower is in South College, the Clock Tower is in Memorial Chapel.

In Westco specifically, if you live on the second floor, you live in Up, and if you live on the first floor, you live in Down. For example, Westco 214 would be Down 2; Westco 125 would be Up 1. The Westco Cafe is not a cafe. Fauver is divided into Nearside and Farside. “Butterfields” is almost never said in its entirety; instead, it’s Butt A, Butt B, Butt C…etc. Open House is the LGBTetc. safe space, not Out House, which is dedicated to enjoying the outdoors and is still not to be confused with Earth House, that seeks to actively preserve the environment.

Duke Day and the Sex Party are in the fall. Zonker Harris Day and Queer Prom are in the spring. Wesfest, Zonker Harris Day and 4/20 are almost always on the same weekend. A Townie is a Middletown resident unaffiliated with the University, but the word has a somewhat negative connotation. The Tunnels can refer to any part of the tunnel system around campus, but the Maintenance Tunnels can be defined separately.

Mocon is where most of you will eat on a regular basis; the Mocs is the tummy trouble you experience afterwards (pronounced “moques”, but this term is rapidly falling out of use in favor of “shitting my brains out”). At Davenport, if you go to eat at the Campus Center, you’re eating on the first floor. If you want the second floor, you eat at Montague’s, and if you want First Harvest, you eat at Vegan. If you’re going to Late Night, you’re going to Summerfields after 9pm. S&C is the Star and Crescent, Red & Black can refer to either the Red & Black cafe in Broad Street Books or who you work for if you get a job soliciting alums for money. If you say you’re going to Broad Street, it is assumed that you’re going to the book store since there’s nothing else of interest there.

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