For those of you unfamiliar with Fark.com, it’s a constantly updated submitter-based news aggregator. What’s more is that it’s home to a thriving online community of users (appropriately called Farkers) who can comment on each and every news tagline and even submit non-news-linked topics from time to time.

Today, I give you the Fark.com Back-to-School Ramen Recipe Thread. If you don’t go for the ramen, go for the conversation–Fark has a HUGE readership, and a snarky one at that. The thread has been up for less than two hours and already has more than 100 comments. Big deal, right? Get this: It’s 4 o’clock in the effing morning.

And for the record:

Sapporo Ichiban for the win.

Holly adds: scarily obsessive ramen blog.

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