The breakfast question

So as you may have heard, if Mocon was a college student, ze would walk around in a “I don’t do mornings” t-shirt. Yes, that’s right, no breakfast at Mocon. I’ve heard several explanations for this tragic cirucmstance, ranging from lack of attendance at breakfast in the past to Aramark and the school being too damn cheap to pay for The Most Important Meal of the Day. Make up your own! It’s a fun car game.

In any case, the following options are yours for the taking:

-Invest in yogurt, milk, fruit, cereal, energy bars, bagels, donuts, pizza, any or all of the above, and keep them in your room as breakfast food for before class. Fridges are pretty convenient that way.

-Invest in a coffee maker for your room (I recommend this anyways, as it is incredibly convenient for your after-Summerfields-closes caffeine needs) if you are a coffee person or if you are not a morning person and have classes before 11 (because you will automatically become a coffee person). It will save you money in the end, not having to pay way too many points for fancyschmancy coffee everyday.

-The first floor of the Campus Center and the Pi Cafe both peddle breakfastlike foods, including pastries, bagel sandwiches, and packaged cold cereal, however as freshmen you have a very limited amount of points to spend, and I would recommend saving said points for more worthy causes. I have also heard that freshmen can spend meals at the Campus Center if they desire breakfast, but I’m not sure the exact mechanics of this deal so interested persons should contact the lovely folks at Aramark.

-If you don’t have classes before 11 or if your stomach is virulently against mornings, then simply go without. First semester freshman year I had classes starting at 1:15 (sweet, right?) so I would roll out of bed and go to lunch, totally bypassing the issue. Second semester when my classes started at 9, I found this impossible.

Happy breakfasting!

Holly adds: Ok, I had classes at 8am last year. I’m normally one of the healthiest eaters around, but eating breakfast normally kills me in terms of time (because I’m also one of the most mentally disorganized people around.) But my breakfast most of the time consisted solely of Full Throttles (I fucking hate coffee) purchased the night before from Weshop and apples stolen from Mocon. However, during final week, I would ALWAYS, ALWAYS force myself to eat a bowl of cereal in the morning and if I were your mommy (and I am the mommy of many at Wesleyan) I would force you to do the same. Finals week is invariably a week when many people get sick (it doesn’t help that it’s in the middle of December) and good nutrition is clutch in prevention.

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