Mycology for fun and profit

You really can get anything on the internet these days. Check out Spores 101, where you can buy everything you need to grow your own shrooms. They offer the spores of 12 species of edible mushrooms (including all the most popular varieties such as Shiitake, Portabella, Enoki and Morel) and five whole pages of psilocybe strains from around the world. Don’t understand the significance? Read the Wikipedia entry for this species. The site also has links to where you can buy products and supplies for growing the mushrooms so you won’t have to keep a wet log under your bed.

Still want to be a badass but not willing to mess around with fungi? Solution: Cobra whiskey. It’s of my personal option that reptiles and alcohol shouldn’t mix, but…It’s a snake. In a jug. For $14. They have other snake varieties as well as one with a huge gecko. If anyone ends up buying one of these, by the way, be sure to let us know.

We’re not getting paid to advertise these sites, by the way, though if someone wants to give me money, that’d be totally cool. I’ve got loans, man.

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