O’Rourke’s Online

Some kind people set up a forum dedicated to O’Rourke’s Diner, with sections for news, support, and people’s memories of the diner. Some are downright tear-jerking. Here’s an excerpt from a post by an alum that’s funny and spot-on:

It’s 11 PM and someone from your dorm hall at Wesleyan sees your door is open and stops by for a minute. Just talking, not about anything in particular.

It’s 2 AM and you’re still chatting away. Neither of you is the least bit tired, and you’ve already solved the problem with the price of gas, global warming, and come up with box cover art for those pudding snacks that wouldn’t get you fired for sexual harassment if you showed it to your intern in a Fortune 500 company. Speaking of pudding, you’re both starting to get hungry. Do you have any more Froot Loops stolen from MoCon? No? Guess the only option is to stay up until O’Rourkes opens.

It’s 4 AM and now you’re a band of 6. You’ve covered everything that’s wrong with the Republican party, half of what’s wrong with the Democratic party, then got distracted by what’s wrong with the Libertarians. At least twice an hour the conversation topic has switched to computers or sex. Occasionally both. Someone suggests that if you leave now, you could cover Fisk Hall in construction paper polka dots and still be at O’Rourkes right when they open.

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