Stay at Home Theory

Less students go abroad now for an entire year.

Most students who do go abroad are increasingly going during their spring semester, leaving a slight glut of students on campus during the fall.

Why? A couple of reasons, I guess. First would be they predict it would be difficult to get decent housing when they come back from their fall abroad and begin their spring semester. Second may be that they feel ill-prepared to write an application to study-abroad for the fall during their sophomore spring semester. A third possible reason may be the global sentiment towards Americans in general and American parents’ sentiments towards allowing the fruit of their loins to go into foreign territory. A fourth possible reason is that more and more liberal arts students are seeking double majors after perhaps convincing themselves that their liberal arts education is potentially unmarketable after college and having two degrees gives them at least a slight more leverage in the applicant pool. Thus, they cannot fit going abroad with meeting their dual major requirements.

Ok, so I think there are a lot of reasons. I for one don’t want to go abroad for a number of reasons I have mentioned and for some I haven’t.

Bloo, blah, blee, so for whatever reason, there are less students going abroad this semester than have been going abroad in quite a while.

First consequence of this was the housing crunch that left a few dozen juniors living in the Nics and the Butts, bumping more sophomores into doubles and a number of freshmen in triples.

The second sign was add/drop, where students whose majors tend to only create small, 20-something person classes found themselves completely locked out of their major classes. The hardest hit, I’d imagine, are the sophomores trying to take their first topical courses.

What will the third sign be? Take your guesses.

More transfers? More going abroad next year? More university encouragement and incentives to go abroad? More willingness to let students live off-campus? University breaking down and hiring more professors in short-staffed majors?

What’s going to happen next, oh short-sighted policy makers of Wesleyan?

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