New Performer In Town

In your travels throughout campus, picking up your mail in the campus center, studying at Olin, or buying groceries at Wesshop, you might start to notice the presence of a new publication scattered artfully around in the height of indie magazine fashion. “What is that magazine which is so simply designed yet so strangely appealing?” you might ask yourself. “What are those bands listed on the cover, and why haven’t I heard of them?”

Wesleyan is a new subscriber this semester to the Northeast Performer, an indie music magazine based out of Boston. The magazine is half music rag and half advice haven for struggling-to-make-it indie bands. Every issue features news spreads about the musical goings on all over the northeast, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, and our very own Connecticut, as well as live and recorded reviews from each of these areas and spotlights on local bands. Other sections include monthly columns on gear for bands on a budget as well as spots on everything from how to start a MySpace to how best to tour in Canada.

Given that the only thing that Wesleyan has more of than struggling bands is indie musicheads, there’s something in it for everyone. Check out what shows are coming up at Toad’s Place in New Haven or what bands are hot in Hartford. Or use it to paper your wall or to clean out your illegal hamster’s cage (and if you have an illegal hamster we say, “More power to you.”) The people of Performer don’t care: they’re shipping 100 copies of their magazine to campus every month. And it’s free. So why the hell not? It will give you something to read while you pretend to pay attention in Econ.

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