Vegan is for lovers

One day, in a magical land called Livejournal, a girl made a post in one of the communities of which I’m a member extolling the wonders of organic veganism. Her main point wasn’t ethical liability, or environmental consequences, or even health benefits of going vegan or organic. It was because “meat has poop in it”.

Back the love van up. Poop? You don’t want to eat meat because it has poop in it? You eat organic veggies! What do you think they use as fertilizer, rainbows and starlight?!

I tell this story because I’m a little bitter for a reason that admittedly has little to do with morons on the internet, and that reason is because Vegan Cafe gave me fucking food poisoning so miserable that I thought I had caught The Gastro. Is that going to stop me from eating at Vegan? Hell no. The food may be overpriced, the line long, the scale broken, and now it may even make me sick as a dog, but it’s so damn good that I just can’t help but pile more mushroom ragu in my rapidly disintegrating recycled paper container thingamajig. Unfortunately there is no sarcasm here; My decision-making abilities are that bad.

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