Outings this week!

Calling all professional corn maze-ers: this saturday at 2pm the Outhouse is returning to the Lyman orchards to conquer the amazing corn maze – and do a bit of shopping at the wonderful produce store afterwards (they bake awesome cider donuts). If you are up for some adventure, bring 9 dollars for the corn maze and extra if you would like to do some shopping. Please,
please, please, bring a car – or a friend with a car (basically, brownie point for cars). Please email Hannan (hbraun@wesleyan.edu) or Beth (eogata@wesleyan.edu) if interested.

Classes are done for the week, so it’s time to cut loose- I’ll be heading down to the Connecticut River with Outhouse’s fleet of canoes (numbering three) and a total of nine people to do some exploring! The crew team knows this river well, and it’s time for us to check it out via canoe, as there are some quality spots well away from the bustle and highway that should be sweet. We’ll be meeting on Friday at 1PM at Outhouse, and lifejackets and paddles will be provided- sunscreen, shades, water, and a snack will do as far as what to bring. This outing is limited to 9 people in total, two of which must have cars- if we have extra cars, perhaps a kayak or two can come along as well. E-mail jbleshman to RSVP, and the first eight of y’all will be joining me.

Do you often find yourself darting across open spaces? Are your eyes and ears unnaturally attune to picking out the hidden? Can you run like a cheetah and slink like a fox? This Sunday at high noon meet at Outhouse for a vigorous game of Capture the Flag. We’ll split into teams and head over to the cross country course behind Long Lane Drive and play till we’re beat. You should have shoes appropriate for running around like a buffoon, some water to quaff, and avoid neon colors which will get you caught in a flash. Bring it.

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