A new way to get out of the meal plan

Binghamton University also has a mandatory meal plan that they require for every student choosing to live in on-campus dorms. A certain Aaron Akaberi wanted out of it. Solution: He stopped eating. 12 days and counting!

Akaberi, a sophomore pursuing Arabic, philosophy and international studies at BU, says he has subsisted on nothing but water and one multivitamin per day since he started the hunger strike, and has dropped 14.6 lbs, going from 143.6 lbs to 129.0 lbs.

And while Akaberi describes his strike as “a grass roots movement,” and his Facebook.com group, “No more free lunch for Sodexho,” has accumulated over 160 members, his decision to go on a hunger strike came after lengthy discussions with Sodexho over his particular dietary requests.

Akaberi first contacted Sodexho on Aug. 10 to inform them of his intention to adhere to the Rastafarian diet, Ital. He said that he began considering joining the Rastafarian movement over the summer.

You know, I hate meal plans (and even all-points) as much as the next guy, but damn!

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