S&C Menu for the Week of 9/18/2006

Dinner: Moldavian white bean soup, chicken or tofu paprikash , egg noodles, seasonal veg, “guest-at-the-doorstep” apple charlotte

Lunch: Thai curry, jasmine rice, seasonal veg, fruit
Dinner: house salad, lasagna w/ or w/out sausage, seasonal veg, fresh baked bread, banana cake

Lunch: grilled salmon, seasonal veg, Israeli couscous, apple sauce cake
Dinner: barbecue pork chops, mac & cheese, yams, cornbread, Aunt Belle’s blueberry peach cobbler

Lunch: manestra (Greek beef and pasta dish) or vegetarian version, greek salad, Corinthian apple pitta
Dinner: house salad, chicken or tempeh escabeche (tangy Mexican braised dish with peppers and onions), rice and beans, Mexican chocolate streusel cake, STEAK!

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