OMG, like, there are other machines besides the elliptical?!

If you’re anything like me, you might be intimidated to venture across the invisible boy/girl line at Freeman that cuts across the cardio machines on one side and the weight machines on the other. It’s a phenomenon that prompts dozens of girls upon hearing about it to scream at you and say “NO! THAT’S NOT TRUE BECAUSE I LIFT WEIGHTS!”

Yeah. Ok, clear that out of the way. Yes, you lift weights. Congratulations.

Anyway, Wesleyan Wrestling coach Drew Black wants to encourage everyone at Wesleyan to use the facilities to their full capacity. He made a site that will show you how to use every machine in the gym and also what muscles it works.

“This new site is for the entire Wesleyan community,” Black says. “Our fitness center is one of the most used facilities on campus and I want everyone to have a tool and resource they can turn to for information on how to reach their strength and fitness goals whether you are a varsity athlete, a recreational athlete, a lifetime fitness enthusiast, or someone who is recovering from an injury.”

It might be a useful resource in breaking down the invisible wall.

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