WSA voting

The results of the fall WSA elections are up.

My favorite part is reading the ridiculous shit people write-in on their ballots. Like whoever plugged Wesleying using four different web addresses. Thank you! Now get laid!

Some of my favorite write-ins from the at-large representative election:

  • the big cheese
  • the bigger cheese
  • the biggest cheese
  • high lord xenu
  • giant joint
  • definitely not the giant joint
  • you can vote for seven… with eight candidates. who’s gonna be the sucker?
  • i’d like something on my resume! woo hoo!
  • zombie jesus
  • cardboard tube samurai
  • bob the cat
  • bob the cat is dead.
  • murderous stingray
  • god knows that being in the wsa is quite possibly the most useless and least satisfying form of masturbation known to man. god help us all.

Interestingly enough, there were seven votes for “franco franco franco franco franco;” A concerted effort, definitely, but what the fuck?!

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