Energy Drink Review: Hydrive Dragonfruit

Hydrive Dragonfruit – Xue reviewed the blue berry version of this a few days ago. At Weshop on Sunday she convinced me out of my regular Rockstar into buying this.

Poor decision! This sucked. You’d be better off breaking up a Vivarin into a bottle of Propel.

Why did it suck? Well for one thing, the flavor tasted like a really old orange that has been sitting in the back of a pantry for two weeks. Yeah, you ever eat one of those? I have.

Secondly, the “energy formula” left me feeling absolutely no different than before drinking it. Granted, I have developed a really bad energy drink habit over the summer to keep up with my jobs and my tolerance may be higher than most, but good God, if I had to suffer through the yuckiness, I should at least get some payback, don’t you think?

This gets **/**** And it only gets those 2 stars because its water (which you need to live) and the label is pretty.

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