LoTR Extended Version Marathon

Ok. Maybe you’ve tried to do it before, only thought about it, or you’ve actually succeeded in watching all three in a row. Regardless, Saturday the 23rd, starting at 11:30 AM, we’ll be screening all three Lord of the Rings movies in a row at Alpha Delt. But wait! It’s not just the theatrical release – that would make a measly 10 hour event. Nope, we’re going for the extended edition, 12 hours in all marathon.

Come for the whole time, your favorite movie, or that scene where you swear Frodo and Sam are gonna kiss. Snacks provided, feel free to step out for meals/fresh air/emotional breakdowns.

Sponsored by the Adelphic Educational Fund.

Name: Lord of the Rings Extended Edition All-Day Marathon
Date: Saturday, September 23
Time: 11:30am – 11:30pm
Venue: Alpha Delta Phi

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