Here comes the apocalypse

Since the advent of Facebook at Wesleyan more than two years ago, Holly’s profile has featured the following About Me:

Lan Kyma Ug: I am Holly and I am not of a different kind entirely from you persons. I am utterly with-soul, with-extreme-poking, with-mercy. This world is largely coated by water but that which is without can be trod by Fish in wheeled tanks. I am one of those fish. Look west and hear my coming.

It is a quote from the esteemed Zachary Davis ’08 and obviously meant to be ridiculous.

Today, I give you a fish exploring the land in a wheeled tank.

From Communist Robot:

Seth Weiner’s art project is a vehicle called Terranaut. This interesting vessel is driven by the motions of a parrot cichlid in a fish bowl. A camera mounted above the tank tracks the fish’s movement and relays that information to a computer, which then drives the robot in the direction the fish was traveling. With this contraption the fish is capable of exploring land in a way never before possible.

Vote Holly Wood, prime minister of Eurasia 2018!

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