Speaking of Dumb Classes

Professor James Kakalios of University of Minnesota wrote a book called the Physics of Superheroes.

He offers a number of lectures of his research at comic book and scifi conventions and now, thanks to the wonders of youtube, some of them are now online!

  • the conservation of momentum
  • The Physics of Superheroes: Electro and Magneto
    • Electricity and Magnets
  • The Physics of Superheroes: Superman’s Blooper
  • The Physics of Superheroes: The Atom’s Blooper
  • Fascinating. Mostly because the only thing I remember from my high school Physics classes was my teacher yelling at me for spilling Diet Coke in class because it would attract ants. “But there’s no sugar in Diet Coke…” “The ants don’t know the difference, Holly.” “Um.”

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