Chalking was beautiful. I remember back in the day when I was a wee pre-frosh, chalking was still legal and all over campus. Some of it was inspiring. Some of it was glorious. And granted, some of it was crude and disgusting. But nonetheless, all of it was colorful, loud and beautiful.

Then later that year, Bennet banned all chalking. During my wesfest, you couldn’t tell. The sidewalks were still a warbled mess of pastel chalk, criticizing the president for the ban.

Every morning, the chalk would be powerwashed away.

But I remember my first night at Wesfest, walking from event to event with my eyes down soaking in everything everyone had written. It was a headtrip, quite frankly, in the state I was in, but what a headtrip.

Meanwhile, students have tried again and again to get the ban reversed, but I wonder if it’s even worth it. With the advent of the ACB, I’m less convinced we have all that much beauty in us. We seem hell-bent on staying in our rooms, attacking each other rather and posting about masturbation than building the kind of community that would appreciate the potential of chalking.

This is of course, my own personal opinion. Chalking played a huge part in why I chose this school because it demonstrated the diversity of opinion and personality of the student body. Their ideas, their wants, their needs in a way that was accessible to everyone. There was something magical about walking around each night and reading a whole new campus of thoughts scribbled on sidewalks.

It’s something I’d like to see again but it’s something I’m weary about at the same time in the wake of the ACB.

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