MIT students use reslife funds to hire strippers

In essence, MIT juniors got money from their residential dorm to hire strippers:

Authored primarily by Simmons residents Bronk and J. Matt Long ’08, the recreation proposal contains sexual puns that include the name of the fund “SEX-C Fund,” which stands for “Simmons Entertainment Xecutive Committee” and the chairperson of this committee, Matthew J. Caballero ’08 title of “Head.” Also, there are “one to three supporting SHAFT members,” with SHAFT standing for “Supporting-Head-Assistants-For-Transactions.” Caballero appoints the SHAFT members, Bronk said.

From Inside Higher Ed:

But there is apparently nothing in place at MIT to stop such a stunt from becoming reality. Ellen M. Essigmann, who shares housemaster duties with John, said that to her knowledge, there is no rule or regulation barring the use of house funds to hire strippers.

“At MIT, we have what’s called home rule within the dormitories. Obviously, all of the dormitories have to comply with state, federal, local and MIT rules and regulations, but with regards to use of the student funds, these are funds that belong to the students; that is up to them to decide how to use them,” said Ellen Essigmann.

John Essigmann said the funds for the stripping event, suggested as a finals activity, have not yet been tapped. He added that there has not been much on-campus discussion of the plan. “Two other residence halls hire strippers on a more or less regular basis.”

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