S&C Menu for the Week of 9/25/2006

Dinner: lentil soup (vegan available), roast beef or tofu (vegan available), roasted vegetables (vegan), mashed potatoes, apple pizza or blueberry cobbler

Lunch: chile verde (Mexican pork or tofu (vegan) green chile stew), rice & beans, flan
Dinner: tomato and egg soup (egg drop soup), kung pao chicken or tofu (vegan; spicy and tangy Chinese stir fry), spinach, rice, sweet almond custard

Lunch: grilled cheese and tomato soup, apple spice cake
Dinner: house salad, shrimp etouffee (Cajun shrimp stew) or tofu creole (vegan) or STEAK, rice, seasonal vegetables, bread pudding

Lunch: Irish lamb stew or tempeh version (vegan), house salad, Irish soda bread, chocolate orange Guiness cake
Dinner: house salad, chicken or tofu Extremena (vegan if you eat honey; Spanish dish flavored w/ honey, lemon, & rosemary), potatoes, pears poached in red wine

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