Something wicked

Lookie what Rob Boyd ’08 found clinging to the brick wall outside his Low-Rise this evening! The out-of-focus guy in blue in the background? That’s Rob. (Click on it to enlarge for full OMG effect.) It later flew from my hands and landed briefly on my face, but sadly, was off into the night before I could react and snap a photo.

Fun fact: Mantids are one of the few insects capable of turning their heads. Which makes it all the more perplexing when you’ve got one mere inches away from your face staring at you with its head cocked.

Edit: I should note that right as I was hitting the “Publish Post” button, an inch-long spider lowered itself from an overhanging pipe in my room right in front of my eyeball. I have my camera poised and ready if it makes a return.

Edit #2: THIS. IT IS THIS.

The background is blurred because it was hanging in the air, mid-descent. At the point where there are spiders dropping on my fucking face from the ceiling, I begin to worry about things crawling into my mouth at night.

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