Wesleyan Sings Vulgar Songs with "Gusto!"

This is an actual news article from The New York Times dated from October 18, 1908:

Wesleyan Songs Censored
Students Will Not Sing Vulgar Ones in Public Places

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. Oct 17–The undergraduates at Wesleyan University have voted to prohibit the use of all vulgar songs about the campus or any public place.

Although Wesleyan has furnished in the past a large percentage of ministers and Bishops to the Methodist Episcopal Church, the undergraduates’ life has had much the same tone as at all the American Universities. Vulgarity has crept into many of the songs and students have sung these songs with gusto. The class societies have been the prime offenders in this matter. Some of the songs of the Tau Nu Episoln, Kappa Gamma, and Pi Kappa Tau have been particularly objectionable.

For a few years it has been the practice to sing some of these songs on the streets [in the] evenings. The student body has now placed the ban on this, and it is expected that the societies will acquiesce.

Wesleyan Songs Censored. New York Times (1857-Current File): Oct 18, 1908; ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times (1851-2003), pg. C8.

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