Fox Gives Dating Advice!

This video was recently played on Fox News and is getting the shit kicked out of it by MSNBC. What’s wrong with it? Well, god, what’s right with it? “Dating” expert Marie Forlio lays down college dating…like:

  • “Don’t hook up with a guy if you’re sloppy drunk or he’s sloppy drunk. You’re just going to find yourself doing the walk of shame the next morning and that’s not going to be cute.”

It’s worth watching how she basically slams any lifestyle that wouldn’t be condoned between the pages of Cosmopolitan.

Overall, it’s lame. I’d get into the stereotypes and imagery presented more, but it’s just Fox News and disgustingly biased as is. I’m going to go be lame in my “mini” marriage and stunt my social growth a little bit more, kthanksbye.

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