Health Professions fair at Yale

Name: New England Heath Professions Graduate School Fair
Date: Friday, September 29
Time: 12pm – 3pm
Venue: Payne Whitney Gym, Yale University

The New England Health Professions Grad School Fair will be held this Friday, September 29, from 12 Noon – 3 PM. This is highly informative, fun, a chance to converse with people who may well be reading your application to their school, and appropriate for students of any class, but especially important for those of you who plan to apply within the next two years.

Over 60 HP grad schools and programs in the country, representing the fields of allopathic and osteopathic medicine, public health, nurse practitioner/nurse-midwifery, optometry, and podiatry. The fair also includes MD/PhD programs, post-baccalaureate and special master’s programs, minority affairs offices, and a couple of vet, optometry, and dental schools. For a list of participating schools and programs, visit Yale’s Web site here and click on “on-campus career fairs.”

Who should go: Anyone considering going into the health professions is welcome, but those planning to apply within the next two years would be well advised to attend. The schools are not coming to the grad school fair because they need to recruit additional applicants; they are coming because they believe in the in the strength of the liberal arts education offered at schools like Wesleyan and have been impressed with the Wesleyan graduates who have been through their programs.

What to wear: You will be meeting and talking with deans and directors of admissions. You may be meeting for the first time someone who later will look over and evaluate your application for the entering class at her or her school/program. Rules of thumb for attire: clean, covered, and nothing distracting. Save the fashion statements for another time. Consider not wearing jeans.

How to prepare: Look over the list of schools attending and think about which ones interest you. Be open-minded, however; there may be some schools you are not familiar with that will surprise you with the quality and scope of their programs. Think about how you learn best, the kinds of skills that you would like to develop, the ways in which you might make use of your education, and then think of questions you might like to ask deans and directors of admission based on what you have identified. Be ready with your questions: they can be about the program/school or about how your application might be regarded.

What to bring: YOUR WESLEYAN ID! Please be sure to bring your student I.D. card, as you will not be admitted without it. (Alumni must bring an alternate photo I.D. such as a driver’s license.) This is not a job fair, so you do not need to take resumes. IF you take a cell phone, it is essential to turn it off while you are inside the fair area so that it does not disturb others.

What if I have a class? We try not to plan any events against scheduled classes, but Yale determined the timing and day of the fair. If you have a class and you believe that it is important to go to the fair, please notify the instructor ahead of time and explain why you will not be in class. We have scheduled the bus to depart at 12:30 PM to allow people with 11 AM classes to attend class and still make the bus.

[If you have to drive, be aware that parking in that area of New Haven is hard to find and very expensive. Be sure to send an e-mail asking for directions ahead of time.]

The Wes Bus: The bus will leave the “L” Parking Lot next to the CRC(Lawn and High) at 12:30 PM and will return to campus by approximately 3:30 – 3:40 PM. ( It will be fun, too. Bring your lunch with you.) If we do not have a critical mass of riders, we will not be able to run the bus. If you are planning to attend, please sign up promptly, and encourage your friends to join you.

There is no cost for the trip, but you MUST RESERVE a seat on the bus in advance. First come, first served. Sign up by coming to the CRC reception desk. The CRC is open from 9 AM – 5 PM most days, and Tuesday and Wednesdays until 8 PM. You will need to leave a $5.00 deposit to hold your seat. (You will get the $5.00 back on the bus on Friday afternoon.) We will have approximately 2 hours at the fair.

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