Tord Boontje

Can we talk about lighting for a second?

Hardly anyone I know uses the overhead lamps in their rooms. They put up strings and strings of christmas lights, hanging paper lanterns, lamps from IKEA, those multi-headed brightly colored medusa things from Target; anything to avoid that flickery institutional glare. Fire hazard or no, some students even nail up tapestries or scarves to the ceiling to soften the glow. Even desk lamps are adorned with an Elizabeth collar of post-it notes.

Tord Boontje makes lamps. Or rather, light bulb adornments. His work is organic yet meticulously designed. They’re frivolous, delicate, beautiful things, cascading floral designs that are laser-cut that drape and fall and make me want to believe in unicorns.

Not a lamp person? He also makes these amazing panel-style curtains that could be used as room dividers or just as a decoration. Price tag too steep? Try these greeting cards, which fold out into a 6-foot garland.

Stick one of these gorgeous suckers in your room. You can buy Boontje’s products at Unica Home.

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