Weshop is now carrying super rich, super delicious Méditerranée yogurt from Quebec! Or YOGOURT, as it’s spelled on the container. From this review:

Liberté Méditerranée Yogourt is a sundae-style yogurt (fruit on the bottom) from Canada, made with milk from Vermont. Most whole milk yogurts are 5%. Méditerranée is Greek and Turkish style yogurt (hence the homage in name), and adds a tad of heavy cream along with extra filtration to achieve 8% milkfat. As we have a penchant for sweet, heavy cream, it is quite simply the most delicious fruit yogurt we have ever eaten.

And, it has the same calories as most other whole milk, fruit-sweetened yogurts.

If you didn’t relate to our Crème Chantilly analogy, think of sweet, heavy cream thickened to the consistency of sour cream. Now add fresh strawberry purée and you’ll understand why we’ve flipped for our latest discovery.

This stuff will cling to your spoon if you hold it upside down. SO GOOD.

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