Skunks everywhere

There are something like a kajillion skunks around campus these days. If you haven’t seen then a-snuffin’ around, you’ve probably smelt them–To my olfactory bias, it smells a lot like soy sauce-seasoned tofu. Anyways, usually you see them digging around garbage cans and sometimes just walking around. Skunks can’t see well past 3 feet or so, so a lot of times if you just stand still it’ll go on its merry troddling way. If it starts stamping its feet or, even worse, lifts its tail up, RUN.

The best thing to do, though, is to try to not leave garbage out overnight until it gets colder.

In the event that you’re sprayed, ditch the tomato juice and instead try a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and liquid soap. The thiols, which are responsible for the skunk’s stank, are not water soluble, even with soap, but the baking soda catalyzes the oxidative ability of the peroxide, which oxidizes the thiols into highly water-soluble thiolates. Mythbusters says so.

(Orgo students who are getting their first exam grades back: Look upon that last paragraph and shudder.)

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