Giant Rabbits & Thesis Film Auditions

Colin Theys is ’07 is holding auditions for two lead male parts in his thesis film, “Harold and Burns,” this Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. The film is a special effects comedy – shot in HD – about a giant, man-eating rabbit.

Aside from being generally awesome, this will be an opportunity for actors to perform (admittedly briefly) with a CGI creature and maybe even get eaten alive by a giant killer bunny!

If you saw the thesis films last year, you might have seen “Life, Death, the Afterlife, Etc.” featuring a small, CGI chunk of Ari Brand’s brain crawling about the floor and generally being troublesome. Colin did the effects for that movie and he promises that they will be nothing compared to this one! If anyone finds this interesting or thinks they might know someone who does, audition dates are below and signups are on the callboard outside the Jones room in the CFA theater workshops.

Thursday, October 5 5:00-8:00pm Jones Room
Friday, October 6 2:30-4:00pm East Room
Sunday, October 8 1:00-3:30pm Jones Room

Shooting Dates: November 18-19 & December 9-10

If you don’t act, but like CGI and/or want to work art department on a thesis film, shoot an email to ctheys(at)

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