I understand that we have our share of sketchy people wandering around campus. The e-mail P-safe sent out about townies coming into dorms and stealing your shit doesn’t help.

But a few days ago, my friend (who I won’t name because ze has no idea I’m writing this) was riding hir bike on Foss Hill and fell, busting hir face open. Stunned and bleeding, ze walked to the nearest dorm–WestCo–and a boy by the door would not let hir into the building because he “didn’t recognize hir.” Ze ended up walking from Foss Hill to the Health Center, where they drove hir to the Middlesex Hospital.


Now, I can sort of get not wanting to get blood on your car seats. And I get the paranoia about letting people you don’t know into your building. But if someone’s obviously hurt and bleeding because a chunk of their face was just scraped off, at least offer to call P-safe or help them to the Health Center! If you’re so fucking paranoid that they’re going to steal your hallmate’s ipod, ask to see their student ID or even keep an eye on them down the hall to wherever they’re going. Don’t be a fucking jerk and turn an injured kid away just because you havn’t ventured out of your little mini-Wes bubble of friends. And for christ’s sake, don’t assume that someone that’s just been in an accident is going to have full grasp of the situation; They aren’t going to be at their full getting-admitted-to-Wesleyan capabilities, and theyaren’t going to be thinking about the blue box phones, or even their own cell phones.

Wesleyan Office of Public Safety
Emergency: (860) 685-3333 or x3333
Non-Emergency (860) 685-2345 or x2345
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