Lane & Sorrow

Lane and Sorrow are Jess Lane ’06 and Lola Pellegrino ’08, but their mortal identities aren’t important. ‘Cause they’re love detectives.

The Inquiry Line is for leaving messages of love gripes, secrets, complainy or crushy shit your friends are sick of hearing, and ultimately, case fodder. It is completely anonymous, and we encourage you to call at any time of day or night. Rest assured that you will not speak to an actual person upon calling the Inquiry Line. The number is: 206.350.0875.

Think of it as Robotussin for your heart: Makes coughs more productive!

You may remember Lola from the Westco bat fiasco last year along with her BDSM seminar. Jess also co-created the sadly short-lived Teen Homicide on Channel 102 with Jon Golbe ’06, so they’re, like, totally famous, y’all.

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