Making fun of the past is funny!

You don’t even have to go to the Olin archives to find mind-blowing Argus articles. Check out this one on cell phones from a mere six years ago…Here’s an excerpt:

In a constantly changing world full of newfangled inventions like “computers” and “CD players” another recent technological advancement is becoming quite universal. This handy pocket-sized gizmo is known as the cellular phone.

Wesleyan students have many varied viewpoints on carrying cellular phones. Some own cell phones because the rates are cheaper than ACUS service charges, while others seem to use them simply because they are popular.

Many disgruntled students expressed their annoyance with peers who walk around campus talking on their cell phones.

“I came to Wesleyan to get away from preppy cell phone-toting fools,” said Dylan Brown ’04.

Erin Larkin ’03 was also dismayed about cell phone usage around campus.

“Its kind of excessive walking around campus talking on a cell phone when there’s a blue-light phone in visible distance,” Larkin said.

Some students were just amused by the whole spectacle and figured that Wesleyan was the last place where cell phones would show up.

“I think it’s really funny to see Wesleyan hippies walking around on their cell phones like be-boop-be-bop-boop,” said sophomore Anna Sobel. “I’m like what are you doing? You like grass.”

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