Gag Reunion

Gag Alum Jesse Young ’06 has told me that it is of the utmost importance that you all attend the 15th anniversary reunion of Gag Reflex tomorrow night.

From the goat-herder himself:

Although anthropologists trace Gag Reflex’s origins back to a small group of totally bored 17th century monks in the Basque region of Spain, Gag Reflex came into being on the Wesleyan campus some 15 years. It was the first improv group on campus, pre-dating DM by a few years (and New Teen Force, which sprung from DM). A celebratory fete is clearly in order, and thus was planned the Gag Reflex 15th Anniversary Improv-Spectacular for the Year of Our Lord 2006. OMG.

Basically, craploads of alums are coming up to campus for two days of wackiness and fun, capped off by an awesome Saturday-night show. Former gag alums have spread far and wide. Some write for TV shows like Weeds, some created TV shows (“How I Met Your Mother”) some are big players at improv theaters (The Washington Improv), and some are members of the Blue Man Group (for serious). We are hell of talented folks. Except those that work in politics for no money like me. Um, crap.

The show will be, for lack of better word, mega-sweet-awesome-face. It’ll be at 8:00 in the Chapel, and full of delicious improv from people who have actually, uh, had legitimate life experiences outside of collegiate education.

We had a 10-year show 5 years ago (you can find it the Argus archives somewhere), and it was apparently a huge blast. This is easily one of the biggest comedy events at Wesleyan this year, and possibly ever (with the exception of Ralph Nader’s lecture last year).


Date: Saturday, October 7
Time: 8pm
Place: Chapel

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