Super paper

During finals last semester, paper-writers on the ACB who were procrastinating together each posted the last sentence that they completed. The result: A trippy super paper that just goes to show 1) the diversity and intensity of classes we choose to undertake, and that 2) Wesleyan students have a serious wordiness problem. I’ve divided the paper into 6-sentence paragraphs, for easier reading:

When Disney began making feature-length animated films in the 1930’s, one of their main concerns was how to make the audience feel as emotionally attached to animated characters as they had in seven-minute shorts. The same graph shows an increase of less than 500 Ph. D.s awarded per year for women. Through this participation, the engagement becomes more thorough and deep – because we are forced to think like Bolden does to understand what his music is saying, we are brought one step closer to him. Their dream of a final frontier, a last vestige of peaceful civilization, turns out to be a sham. It has been noted that Elephantulus edwardii carries a large amount of Protea humiflora pollen on their snouts and relatively none in their feces. This indicates that although they do not direct feed on pollen, that they transport it while foraging for insects.

The fact that America retains an illogical voting system for electing a president, and that the right to an abortion rests on a questionable interpretation of privacy are just two of the problems that the lack of change has created in contemporary society. Here we can see the logical link by which Dante the Poet chose the victims of the next ring: the suicides. I computed the signal to noise ratio (SNR) using the “sum” and “flux” fields output by \textbf{phot}. In an age where there are genuine divides that exist between cultures, to view all events as emblematic of this clash serves to reinforce rather than bridge the divides, and that is truly dangerous. Thus, the passage again conveys criticism by means of irony, although less pointed and cynical than in the previous passage. Después Maria empezó a escribir cosas más serias y obscuras sobre la fealdad de existencia, y sus pensamientos no eran muy diferentes de esos de Juan Pablo.

Young begins her portrayal of polygamy years before her own induction into the institution. The Crow study, on the other hand, suggests that intellectual ability in adolescents tends to be lower when associated with the use of both hemispheres. Though she does understand sex in terms of moral categories, it is clear that she does not think everyone is susceptible to the same sins. Although the absolutist theory of the divine right of kings had fit nicely with the history of Scotland and England as feudal and heavily Catholic nations, a powerful confluence of political, religious, and economic trends had already begun to challenge this traditional basis of monarchical power. The six weeks we’ve spent working at Head Start have allowed us to apply the psychological concepts and research methods we’ve learned in class to real life situations. This is underscored by the preponderance of defensive innovation, such as concentricity, in those regions and the presence of Gothic-style windows in other castles, such as Chepstow.

The narrator of the tale actually steps outside of it and recognizes himself as a literary creation, explaining to readers “After all, where aren’t there incongruities?” This new global culture largely centers around the youth cohort, as Barnet and Cavanagh explain: “hundreds of millions of children and teenagers around the world are listening to the same music and watching the same films and videos.” She is blameless in any interaction with Clay simply by virtue of their social positions at opposite poles of the predator/prey spectrum. Under the guidance of founders Gary Demos (a programmer) and John Whitney Jr. (a producer,) Digital Productions, which split from Tripple-I just after Tron’s release in 1982, purchased a Cray X-MP supercomputer for 10.5 million dollars and as a result was immediately hired to do the CGI for the 1984 film The Last Starfighter. Devalued as histories, they are then revalued as ultimate sources of truth. His relationship with the popes of the time also were most laudatory: Pope Sixtus IV made him an Apostolic prothonotary at the tender age of 8 while Innocent VIII later gave onto him the title of cardinal when he was 13.

Since cognitive faculties are fundamentally human constructs, transient enough to be regularly proposed and discarded by researchers as they go about their merry work, is it epistemologically appropriate to assume they have permanent loci within the tissues of the brain? The result is that America is the only Western, industrialized nation where socialism has never provided a credible alternative to the existing system, thus reinforcing the idea of American exceptionalism.

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