Alumni like to tell us stories, and while we don’t have good ways of verifying them, they tend to be amusing and make even us young’uns nostalgic for days gone by.

You’ve heard of armed students taking over Fisk, North College being firebombed, the Douglas Cannon, and the shantytowns that were built on College Row…But some more lighthearted anecdotes come from the 80’s, when the drinking age in Connecticut was raised from 18 to 21.

That’s right, 18. What the fuck, right?

First of all, the third floor of Davenport wasn’t always First Harvest. We’re told it used to be a bar. Bet that took a lot of getting used to.

Secondly, during Spring Fling, students used to buy kegs and distribute them all over Foss Hill. When all of a sudden more than half of campus couldn’t legally imbibe alcohol, the keg tradition was called to a halt. The solution? We hear that one day before Spring Fling, enterprising Wes students went onto Foss Hill and buried the kegs, leaving only their pumps and nozzles above ground. Obviously this was a one-shot deal, but apparently it was a big hit.

If any alums who read this (I know you’re out there!) can confirm or deny these rumors, do let us know. Also, send more stories!

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