Tired is the new Wesleyan

Fall Break is really depressing, y’all. No one’s here, it’s frikkin’ freezing, there’s nothing to do but drink and play Snood. Thus, sorry for the lack of posts, but since we blog about YOU GUYS and YOU GUYS aren’t even here–Well, you know.

Homecoming’s fast approaching, though, and it’s the only bright star in my sky of “got-a-D-on-my-Physics-exam-fuck-everything”. (And speaking of Homecoming, if your parents are coming to see you, I made their name tags. Hell yes.)

So here’s a fun fact:

The buildings on college row have seemingly random dates carved into the brownstone around their periphery. Back in the days before they realized that ivy tore up stone, the graduating class would plant an ivy at the base of a brick marked with their class year. The ivy would then grow all over the wall, looking all prestigious and stuff.

My advice to Wesleyan: Bring back the ivy. It makes you look more expensive. And we all know how much you looooove raising tuition.

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