WesFact #5

Um, in the spirit of “bombing knowledge,” Wesleyan has erected (hehe) a website full of stupid facts that will eat up a five minute void out of your life. Such as:

In 1831, when a dollar was worth, well, a dollar, the cost of tuition per term was $11.00 to $12.00.

In 2006, that 1831 dollar is worth $18.96. It might be tempting to calculate that today’s cost of tuition per term should equal (12 x 18.96) = $227.52, but don’t fall for it. Think of everything a student gets today for a dollar that Wesleyan’s earliest students did not receive: electricity, hot and cold running water, heat, air conditioning, sidewalks, public safety, choice of professors, choice of courses, a dorm room, wireless connectivity, a football team, swimming pool, squash courts, Foss Hill…

Oooook. Incredibly underwhelming. Xue and I get better crap than this from alums. I demand more scandal, Wesleyan.

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