Stephen Colbert: The College Years

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

While the ill-informed, right-wing buffoon he plays on TV is said to be a Dartmouth alum, the real Colbert graduated from Northwestern in 1986 and was never much for school spirit. The parade gig cracks up his former college sweetheart, Ayun Halliday, “because I can’t imagine that we ever went to the Homecoming Parade, or Homecoming, or a single football game. He was not a fraternity boy.”

Back then, he seemed destined not to play the fool, but to play Hamlet.

“He was masculine and intelligent and radiated his intelligence,” Halliday said. “He had a certain gravitas that he could get across onstage.”

Or when playing Dungeons & Dragons, Colbert’s nerdy campus diversion of choice.

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