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*poster’s note: perusing aceboard, i now realize that other people had this idea way before me.

Hey everyone.

First off, read below Holly’s eloquent thoughts about chalking and what it means – it is well spoken and rings true.

For homecoming weekend, I plan to hand out pieces of chalk to parents, with little notes rubber banded around them saying “engage in a cherished wesleyan tradition! chalk messages to students, thoughts on the news, recipes, anything!” I encourage everyone to get out there and chalk in front of parents, show how excited you are about it, try to get them to play along, offer to let them write a message with your stick. Show how much this means to us, welcome them into the community that chalking helps to bridge and build.

Many of these parents are alumni, many many are donators, and many many many are contributing towards tuition. When it all gets erased in the morning, or when public safety intervenes, or even when they hear from their children how this wonderful activity that they see the students being so impassioned about is banned, they may wonder why. And, in a school run by a shadowy and mysterious Board of Trustees, the opinions of the people writing checks matter a decent amount.

I only have about 200 sticks left, but if you need a piece feel free to swing by my room (Hewitt 9003), or any of the other rooms posted on the ACB as having stocks. Also, sometimes I walk around campus throwing sticks at people.


p.s. I am neither involved with nor know of the lightning society, but hats off to them.

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