Yo, did you know we had Pre-Ministrial club?

Temperance Reform Club roster from 1898.

Mystical Seven in the 50’s was pretty out there. If, by any chance, there are any mystics reading this, you should try to find the arm bone the fellow on the top has in his mouth. And the alligator. The cat’s probably dead, though.

Skull was not quite as weird, but they got the cute pretension thing down.

Here’s an old faculty blotter. They have a little blurb about each professor. Check out the dude who’s “interested in witchcraft.”

An extant secret society, Corpse and Coffin, from the 1898 yearbook.

The 1946 yearbook has a lot of military portraits.

A drawing from 1898 showing “Froshie’s Dream.”

Finally, here’s good ol’ Dougie B. from 1959! He looks exactly the same.

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