Outings this week

Come escape from the rote and the grind for an “alpine start” sunrise hike to the top of Mount Higby! Catch up on sleep later and come meet Lilly and Jennie Friday morning at Outhouse at yes, 5am. Bring a summit snack to participate in the climactic chow-down and be sure to bundle up! rsvp to jehrenhalt(at)wesleyan.edu so we know who’s brave. (and please bring wheels. we will need them.)

Graveyards, ghost stories and outhouse – oh my! For all the brave souls out there, outhouse is going on a late night, bone chilling romp to a graveyard for some ghost story telling (Are You Afraid of the Dark? style). Stop by Outhouse Saturday night at 11 pm with your scariest stories. Email Beth or Jennie with questions at eogata@wesleyan.edu or jehrenhalt@wesleyan.edu.

The climbing wall at Freeman is open and ready to rock! Come down to the athletic center and do some sweet rock climbing. No experience, money or equipment necessary. It is open Mon. 5-8:30 Tues. 6:30-8:30 and Wed. 5-8:30. Just drop in, or if you have any questions send Reid an email (rhigginson@wesleyan.edu).

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