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ITS does this sneaky little thing where they add tons of features to our online resources and then don’t tell anyone about it. Useful things, like, oh, SPAM FILTERS*. But did you know we also have blogs and a wiki?!

Ben Wu ’08 writes:

I noticed that there is a blog and wiki feature on Wesleyan’s blackboard.

The implementation in my opinion is pretty awkward and fairly useless. The rationale behind blogs IMO is that is a journal other people can see. As such its important to be able to easily share address, but the webaddress they assign isn’t something nice like blogs.wesleyan.edu/yourblog (which a few people at ITS have) or something, its more like https://blackboard.wesleyan.edu/webapps/lobj-expo-bb_bb60/cs/viewExpoSite?id=yourblog, a bit less nice, to say the least.

Also the wiki isn’t quite as nice as wikipedia or dokuwiki, as it’s syntax doesn’t make much sense. It’s basically a rich text editor that creates page addresses in as ridiculous manner. I find it to be slow to edit, where as wikipedia, once you learn the syntax its ridiculously easy to make nice links to other pages in your wiki. I don’t know.

If anyone is curious they can try playing around with it.

*Log in to eportfolio, go to My Student Portfolio, and click on SPAM Assassin under Tools & Help.

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