PsyTrance Party

After perusing through the pages of the Anonymous Confession Board and Wes_Personals, I’ve come to the conclusion that a good number of you kids love the uplifting and spiritual genre that is psychedelic trance. If the sounds or even bare names of Hallucinogen, Infected Mushroom, DJ X-Dream, Juno Reactor, and Astral Projection make your loins quiver, keep reading.

I have great news – there are psytrance parties on campus outside of your room with more attendees than yourself!

In fact, there is a psytrance party coming up soon on Friday, November 10th at Alpha Delta Phi.

Our headlining DJ is going to be the inimitable

Mistress Jade
(TEK-DJS/XVIBE/Floorburnerz/Underground Sounds NYC)

What she says about herself

I have loved electronic music my whole life. I grew up listening to it as a kid and I got heavily into it once I started high school. I started going to parties about 5 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I started spinning in 2004, playing mostly hardcore and hard trance. Even though I am a hardcore and hard trance junkie, I didn’t see myself progress as quickly as I wanted to. I messed around with different genres, but I never found my true passion.

Everything changed when my friend gave me an amazing psy trance compilation. I haven’t listened to psy trance for years before that and I realized what I’ve been missing out on.

I immediately fell in love with the genre again and decided that that’s exactly what I wanted to spin. My re-discovery of psy trance was indeed a blessing and I found my true calling as a DJ.

I needed to enlighten people the same way I was enlightened by this amazing music. My quest continues…let me take you on a trip ;)


How can you resist this woman? I’ve seen her spin live and she puts on such an amazing show. You can’t miss this!

Our very own DJ Sixtycycles will also be spinning for your audible pleasure.

Date – Friday, November 11th
Location – Alpha Delta Phi Living Room
Time – 8:00pm – 2:00am

Don’t bring alcohol. Do bring good vibes and your best dancing shoes for a journey through the cosmos.

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