Spooooooooky movie time

As you gorge yourself on candy tonight, don’t take off that costume just yet– Remember that they’re showing The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari!

IMDB says:

A horror film that surpasses all others. Alan relates the story of traveling magician Dr Caligari and Cesare. Their arrival in a town coincides with savage killings. Secretly Caligari was an asylum director who hypnotizes Cesare to re enact murders. But the final reel contains something which will leave an audience shattered. It blows away all your moral certainties and beliefs. This is the true power of its horror. To leave you vulnerable and uncertain of what you feel was secure and certain.

Best of all, there’s going to be LIVE MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: Organists Yuanyuan Sun, Eve Mayberger, Lisa Wong, Allison Torpey, I-Hsiao Chen, and Ann-Marie Illsley and percussionists Scott Horowitz and Jacob Gold will perform.

Date: Tuesday, October 31st
Time: 10pm
Venue: Memorial Chapel

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