Support the Water Polo Team

The Men’s Water Polo Team has a request for Wesleyan:

The Wesleyan Men’s Water Polo team will be fighting for its THIRD straight national title this year. And this time, the tournament will be hosted in our home pool in the Freeman Athletic Center. We want to not only destroy the competition, but to do it in front of a shitload of crazy and drunk students. We want you to come to every game wearing red and screaming your lungs out. Bring your friends and bring the pain. Here’s the schedule for the weekend:

Friday, November 3: 7:30pm Wes vs. Tufts
Saturday, November 4: 11:30am Wes vs. Macalester College
Saturday, November 4: 5:45pm Wes vs. Renesselar Polytechnic
Sunday, November 5: 12:40pm National Championship Game

P.S. The national polo organization is charging $2 a ticket per game or $7 for a weekend pass.

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