Women of Color Retreat

Do You Feel Like…

Talking, Bonding, Laughing, Thinking, Screaming, Dancing, Expressing, Building, Singing, Learning, Teaching, Discussing, Eating, Exchanging, Hugging, Meeting, Collaborating, Sharing, Supporting, Resting, Breathing, Growing, and just plain LIVING??!

Then get ready for the very much anticipated and unique First Annual Women of Color Retreat.

We have an incredibly amazing and interesting WOC community, let’s enjoy and strengthen it!

Freshmen and new ladies to the WOC community we’re especially looking forward to meeting you all!

We will be leaving Wesleyan mid-day Saturday, November 11th for a peaceful and fabulous 24 hours of WOC issues, concerns, silliness and much more!

Please, pretty please, RSVP NOW by sending a quick ‘I will be attending!’ to aportilla@wes before this THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND.

Date: Saturday, November 11 – Sunday, November 12
Time: Noon (on Saturday)

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