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From an e-mail:

There has been a recent slew of racist and homophobic incidents, as well as a new targeted police presence on this campus. We have all been talking about it. In Wespeaks, with our friends, at dinner, group meetings etc etc… This is unacceptable, as people are starting to feel unsafe, especially since these incidents are no longer being reported by the administration. Many of us are angry and there is a growing sense of tension in this “community.” The anger and tension that is so visible also comes with a certain amount of energy. As tension continues to mount, we should capitalize off this energy and anger and think about what actions could be taken.

We propose having a meeting this Saturday at 4pm at Women of Color House (227 Pine, off of Lawn) to discuss what’s been going on and what we, as students, can do. Our goal for this meeting is to leave with a definitive action planned for next week. As of now, in talking with people, it seems as though a Speak Out on Monday or Tuesday during lunch would be a effective first step to take. There has been a lack of communication on campus, and it’s important to create a space where those who feel silenced can speak publicly, and we can all give voice to the incidents that are going unspoken about.

[…] We are not intending to lead this meeting in anyway, but rather offer a space so we can all discuss and present the ideas we have been thinking about.

Date: Saturday, November 4th
Time: 4pm
Venue: Women of Color House (227 Pine)

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