Taste of Home at Mocon

During Homecoming, families submitted their most-loved recipes to good ol’ Aramark. 10 recipes were chosen, and now you can sample them at Mocon dinner next Tuesday!

The food/winners are as follows:

Greek Beef Stew ~ Mary Lauren Hall ’10

Sweet & Sour Chicken ~ Joseph Newman ’09

Moroccan Spiced Sweet Potato Medley ~ Adam Eldahan ’10

Iowa Corn Casserole ~ William Runge ’09

Chinese Cabbage Salad ~ Tess Parker ’10

Tasty Tortellini Sauté ~ Sam Jones ’10

Pumpkin Soup w/ Basil ~ Jessica Barbosa ’09

Portuguese Kale Soup ~ Angus Zinn McCullough ’10

Exotic Squares ~ Andy Zack ’09

100 Hole Lemon Cake ~ Hannah Masius ’10

Congrats! We’ll judge you and your heritage silently while a’munching. JUST KIDDZ.

Date: Tuesday, November 7th
Time: 5:30pm-8pm
Venue: Mocon

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