The start date for Zombies vs. Humans has been set for Wednesday, November 29th–The Wednesday after we get back from Thanksgiving break.

Sign up for the game by joining the facebook group. Once the game begins, we will be updating the status of players daily via group announcements as well as on Wesleying.

The cutoff date for signing up is Wednesday, November 22nd, a week before the game starts. After this date, the facebook group will be closed and no new members will be allowed to join. This is so we can produce a roster of active players to keep track of everyone in the game.

We will also be posting Wesleyan-specific rule clarifications as to the safezones and killzones.

In the meantime, procure a bandana! If you’re feeling extra snazzy, buy a nerf gun, too, but you can also just use socks or marshmallows from Weshop.

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