Med School Hell

First of all, I used to be pre-med before I realized I had no interest in helping people. That said, despite being a neuro major I’m a little biased against, uh, science, but I found this blog and thought all you maybe-doctors would enjoy(?) it.

It’s called Med School Hell, and it’s written by what’s possibly the most bitter med student in existence. The first entry can be summed up thusly:

I’m a senior medical student training in the US. I hate medical school with a burning passion like I have never before felt. In future posts, you’ll get to share what it’s like to be in my shoes on the wards. You’ll get to really experience what it’s like to be a medical student or a physician in training. You won’t hear any pansy-ass crap, basically because I don’t give a fuck. You’ll hear it like it is, and I promise I won’t hold anything back.

For those of you unwilling to plow through a year of similarly angry posts, here’s medical school in a nutshell.

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